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Other Services – Full Service IH

We provide full industrial hygiene services by certified industrial hygienists (CIHs).  Please see parent company for more information by clicking here: or Call 941-228-5525

We work with insurance carriers, public claim adjusters, contractors, attorneys at law, occupational health physicians, claim adjusters, property managers, facility managers, condominium associations, architects, engineers, home owners, and others.  Specialty work includes: post-storm and hurricane evaluation, natural disasters, including fires, nuisance neighbors, etc.

Building envelope studies including structural engineering services, infrared, moisture testing, fenestration inspections, leak identification, waterproofing evaluation, paint and sealing evaluation, envelope integrity.

Faulty spray foam services (Side A,  Side B, sensitization issues, off-gassing evaluation, remediation protocol, closed or open cell product, etc.)

SIP (structured insulated panel) moisture problems, IAQ and troubleshooting.  Magnesium Oxide (chloride) or Magnesium Sulfate based boards, materials and construction.

Litigation support for all services since 1991

Standard Industrial Hygiene Services include, but are not limited to:
Water quality testing (legionella, lead, copper, metals, E. coli, coliform bacteria, etc.
IAQ (indoor air quality) – general & specific contaminants (unlimited in scope)
Workplace OSHA compliance
Fume, Dust, Aerosol, Fiber, VOCs, MVOCS, TVOCS, Semi VOCs, Silica, combustible dust, formaldehyde, amines, all chemical group studies.
Radiation (ionizing / non ionizing)
Asbestos, radon, etc.
Noise (community, personal, occupational)