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Mold Assessments Include Anticipation, Identification, Evaluation and Recommended Controls - including but not necessarily limited to:

- Qualitative Mold Identification / Evaluation

-Quantitative Mold Identification / Evaluation

-Moisture Meter Intrusion Inspection

-Infrared Examination

-Surface Swabs, Tape Or Bulk Samples - Mold Growth

-Air (Mold Spore) Quality

Testing for Mold

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Mold testing is not usually necessary!  So says all the leading authorities!  That statement alone demonstrates our commitment to the scientific process and shows we are not just trying to make a buck by test, test, test – that’s not good science or good business (call any mold inspection company and listen to them immediately discuss sampling – that’s your first clue how not to pick a mold assessor).  To be sure, you will likely want a mold test (or maybe one of the many others we provide that mold assessors who are not CIHs simply cannot), and it’s our job to present the scenarios to you so you understand why you should or should not and exactly what to expect and not expect to be helpful (ask us about our publication “10 Reasons For Mold Sampling”).  Normally if there is small amounts of visible mold (mold is everywhere), you clean it up.  Paying someone to tell you the Latin name of a certain type of mold that is no longer there is not good business in the long run.  If your mold assessor knows how to assess mold, and only mold, then he/she will likely do all they can to make mold testing attractive.  Since our selection of services has been comprehensive practice for 25 years, we are not hell-bent on mold.  But, again, if you need it, you’ll find none more qualified, honest and helpful than us!  We guarantee it! 

If we do find mold (a/k/a “mildew”), we’ll know how significant our findings are and make helpful recommendations and write any required protocols for light, medium or heavy remediation necessary and oversee the project until completion.  That includes when remediation is complete, conducting  PRV (Post Remediation Verification”) sample as part of industry standards and for “peace of mind”.  In short, we’re here to solve your problem with you – the whole way!

Hiring a licensed assessor who is also a Board Certified Industrial Hygienist, gives you confidence in the highest credentials available (more than twice that of a licensed mold assessor – see our “Why Choose Us” page).  Moreover, you will know all all protocols and all communication will be of the highest ethical and scientific standards. For example, we will use only calibrated equipment, only use an AIHA Accredited mold laboratory, standard Chain-of-Custody forms,  collection media, volume of air and all other factors in keeping with standard lab and collection protocols.  

We will evaluate the general atmospheric conditions in general (Wetbulb glove temp), around the area in air and surfaces noting differences from each other, and the general weather and possibly in, at or away from HVAC components, and identify any factors that may hinder an accurate assessment on the day of our visit.  We will also be careful to evaluate the conditions of the room(s) where any sampling takes place.   Our assessment also considers your specific complaints, building history and our decades of our own data collected. 

 Once the process is completed our observations will likely yield immediate helpful feedback and if air samples or swab mold samples are taken the results can be back in as little as 1-2 business days.  Again, our equipment used will be the correct type, calibrated, placement and will collect an adequate volume of air with a report in correct units of measure.

Unlike other contaminants, collecting adequate mold samples takes very little time (e.g., 5-10 minutes) and surface sampling takes even less.  However, deciding what, when, where and why to sample with well understood expectations and plans, that is the part that requires responsible decision making.  A mold assessment like this may take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes but if there areas is large and/or complex it could take a lot longer and even involve multiple visits.  We will answer any questions you have while at your location. 

We value your business, your questions and your opinions. Please make certain to contact us if we can be of any assistance.

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