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Church IAQ

Churches occupants, including elderly, can be susceptible to poor IAQ conditions (dust mites, mold, bacteria, viruses, dust, bioaerosols).  Asthma, COPD, bronchitis, allergies and many other health conditions can be worsened by even short but acute exposure to these contaminants.  All quite unnecessarily! 

Pastors – please consider indoor air quality at your facility! Neglecting air and surface contaminants can seriously hinder quality pastoral care of souls in your church facility. As a former student at five different seminaries, I have helped Protestant, Catholic, Anglican and other Tradition churches (Jewish Temple too!) be responsible in this area with minimal effort / cost.

Let me assist your biblically-based responsibility in this area so others won’t.  Leave “waiting on the tables” (Acts 6) in this area to me.  I will decipher the good from the bad mold (Lev. 14, etc.) so you don’t have to.  Be confident the House of God your invite others too meets His standard of excellence!

(*Applies to all places of worship)