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How It Works & What to Expect – Mold Only

We provide three levels of Assessment. Each investigation is conducted by a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Licensed Mold Assessor AND a risk manager! Why is this important?  The highly technical CIH training ensures technical environmental health competency.  The FL licensure ensures things are done legally (don’t estimate that these days, especially vis-a-vis your insurance company!).  The risk manager puts it all into a real-world risk context so you know your real-life practical options so you avoid upselling or underestimating.

As warranted each begins with your completing an important pre-visit questionnaire so we learn your issues and important history, conditions and concerns. Begin the investigation immediately by returning a completed questionnaire anytime by emailing [email protected] and request one. We have 3 levels of service.

Standard investigations meet the guidelines of leading mold industry authorities including, but not necessarily limited to: ASTM, ANSI/IICRC S-520, AIHA, ACGIH, and others.  A typical full assessment includes:

  • Pre-visit Questionnaire/Interviews/Incident history (phone or on-site)
  • Physical Inspection & Equipment
  • Industry Assessment Protocols & Accountabilities
  • Air and/or Swab Mold Sample & Accredited Lab Analysis
  • Applied Mold-based Standards & Guidelines
  • Mold Report & Industry Discussion Points, Protocol & Recommendations

3 Levels of Service:

LEVEL 1 (BASIC) Starts at $149.00 Includes:

  • Pre-visit Questionnaire/Interviews (phone and/or on-site)
  • Any necessary travel or virtual
  • One room visual inspection, observation and on-site verbal estimate
  • No sampling

LEVEL 2  (STANDARD) Starts at $349.00 (+lab fees if applicable).  

Includes Level 1.  Additionally:

  • Multiple room including intrusive “where it leads” inspection as needed;
  • High-powered light / photograph documentation;
  • Specialized inspection equipment (moisture readings, infrared, etc.) as applicable;
  • Up to three air and/or surface samples;
  • Chain-of-custody laboratory sample drop-off;
  • Qualitative (growing or dead) and/or quantitative mold spore analysis report;
  • Technical, regulatory and practical risk information, interpretation & conclusions;
  • Risk management recommendations and remediation “protocol;
  • Direct insurance billing as applicable.

LEVEL 3  (PREMIUM) starts at $500.00 (+lab fees).  Includes:

Includes Levels 1 & 2 and any extra service necessary to create a full certified product including protocols as warranted

Identification of origin, extent and amplification of mold

We offer customization of all the above to service you well – just ask!

The above is for typical residential buildings. Please call for commercial applications and large size residences.