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Faulty Spray Foam

Spray foam is a great invention but when it’s not installed correctly can negatively effect both your home and your health. The result can dramatically change your peaceful home life indefinitely and believe it or not, sometimes permanently! No, that is not an exaggeration!

Spray foam is a 50-50 mixture of Side A and B ingredients. Side A includes an isocyanate compounds which is known to cause sensitization (allergic response) if you are inadvertently exposed. Side B includes a chemical cocktail (e.g., surfactants, blowing agents, polyol resins, aldehydes, amines, etc.), and many unidentified chemicals due to proprietary formulations. These too can also cause sensitization. Typically the problem is not the engineered formula specifications by the manufacturer, but the incorrect installation – too fast, inexperienced installers, inadequate equipment monitoring, etc …. the causes are many. Permitting and licensure is typically not required and the small print works against you. Faulty installation can create MAJOR problems for homeowners as strong offensive Side B VOC emissions drive occupants out of their homes. In some cases the foam has to be completely removed before the home can be occupied again. In other scenarios, it’s too late! VOCs made their way into the home’s assemblies, various structures and contents making it inhabitable, sometimes permanently! What began as simple good idea, becomes a nightmare as occupants become chemically sensitive to a wide spectrum of chemical that previously went unnoticed. All this is well documented in medicine, law, industrial hygiene and countless case studies.

There are many foam specialists who are not environmental health professionals. There are many environmental health professionals not familiar with faulty spray foam and dangerous emissions. We provide both, an environmental health professional, who also understands the spray foam industry, who can identify faulty installation, characterize VOC emissions, and provide critical remediation protocol. We help navigate thru the chaos and identify, evaluate and control of your vapor, odor, emission and environmental health issues from faulty spray foam installation.

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